Scene 1: Introduction

Song: Look Up

Scene 2: On Mission

Song: Hangin’ Around the Heavens

Scene 3: A Chance Like This

Song: God Chooses Who He Uses

Scene 4: The Glory of God

Song: Big Band of Shepherds

Scene 5: Get Moving

Song: Wee Three Kings

Scene 6: The Baby

Song: Shine on Us (Solo: Abby Koebert)

Scene 7: The Real Star

Song: Constellation Celebration


Anna Earnhart : North Star

Nicholas Earnhart: Lucky Star

Vision Gorion: Shooting Star

Bradley Gorion: Superstar

Drake Lyle: Rock Star

Brooklyn Scott: Angel, king

Reed Varnum: Falling Star

Madison Varnum: Moon, shepherd, king, Mary

Special Thanks

Skyler Buck: Director

Cadence Rempel: Co-Director

Amanda Varnum: Rehearsal Assistant

Zac Johnson: Rehearsal Assistant

Abby Koebert: Supporting Roles

Shepherd Rempel: Supporting Roles

Camden Lyle: Backstage Crew

Tiffany Buck: Backstage Crew


Eastgate Production Team


A special thanks to the parents for supporting their children in this program.