Small Groups - Eastgate Church
How can a church grow yet maintain close relationships? The answer is small groups. Real life change happens in the context of relationships.
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Our Spring Small Group semester begins the week of February 5th.

Visit our Small Group Showcase after service on January 22nd!


In this group students 6th – 12th grade will grow in their faith through topical bible studies and discussion. There will be lunch provided for all students and leaders in attendance.


Leaders: Student Leader Team

Begins: January 22nd


Middle and High School Students

Jesus Stories

Everyone loves a good story. Whether it’s a novel, film, or song, we are products of the narratives that have formed us—for good or bad. If you need fresh inspiration or are stuck living under the weight of a story you can’t shake off, consider this study of the parables of Jesus. Through six sessions, you’ll hear directly from Jesus through the Word. His parables not only form (or reform) who we are, they reveal more about God than we ever thought possible. They provide the hope we’re looking for, speaking above all the other noise we may be experiencing.


Leader: Ed Koebert

Begins: February 6th


Men only

Gospel Stars

Did you ever wonder WHY God arranged the stars in the heavens? Could it be that the 12 Major Constellations clearly proclaim the Gospel??  Psalms 19:1 is the beginning of the most amazing story EVER TOLD!


Leaders: Edison & Joanie Fowler

Begins: February 7th


Optional Book: “The Heavens Declare “ by William D. Banks

Young Adults

We will spend time in fellowship with food and conversation and then dive into a topical discussion surrounding things pertaining to young adult life. 


Leaders: Skyler Buck & Marti Lumpkin

Begins: February 7th


Ages: 18-28


Gray hair is the crown of splendor! Studying the Word for what God has in store for you in your senior years. The meetings will be held at Brickmont Assisted Living Activity Room (2nd Floor), allowing for Brickmont residents and our Church seniors to come together.


Leaders: Earl & Jeanette McConchie

Begins: February 8th


Ages: 55+

How to Pray

This small group will meet via Zoom and will focus on learning how to pray based on Biblical examples. It is so important to know that God desires a relationship with each one of us. The more we relate to God, the more we are connected to His will and desire for us. This semester we will look to the book of Ruth to inspire our prayer points. Prayer begins with the understanding that its God’s will that must be done and not ours. Aligning our will with His is one of the steps to a deeper relationship with God.


Leaders: Nike Lawal & Tornya Gordon

Begins: February 8th


Women only


Join us for some friendly games of basketball and fellowship. 


Leaders: Michael Gordon & Shaun Lumpkin

Begins: February 9th


Men 6th Grade and up

Requirement: $40 per person to cover gym reservation


Experience hilarious, practical, and straight-forward advice about relationships through this twelve week study. These life-changing biblical marriage truths are related in a way that both challenges and conflicts, without being preachy, and confronts the harmful and destructive messages from the secular world and even some churches that have brought such devastation to marriages.

As a couple, you will experience the fun of this unique look at love, life, and marriage that has made it a popular and breakthrough study. 


Leaders: Mar & Kelly Miller

Begins: February 10th


Married couples only

Book Requirement: Small Group Study Guide – Click HERE to purchase

1 John

What do you rely on to get through your day? The things we rely on are also what define us―our family, education, job, accomplishments, money. For the apostle John, nothing defined him more than the love of God in Jesus, and that is what he relied on every moment of every day. The author takes readers through 1 John and shows how a rich understanding of the love of God prepares us to thrive in times of great stress and strengthens us for every season of life.


Leaders: Michael & Julie Waterman

Begins: February 11th


Book Requirement: 1 John: Relying on the Love of God – Click HERE to purchase

How can a church grow yet maintain close relationships? The answer is small groups. Real life change happens in the context of relationships.

We believe God created us to live in relationship with others so that we can live the full life He intends for us. Small groups make these life-changing relationships relevant and accessible to you.

Our groups are as unique as we are, which means there is a group specifically for you. Be sure to carve out time to do life together with your Eastgate family!